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Buyer Packets were mailed out on July 8th, we were unaware that the bulk mail department at the post office would be closed the first week of July.  If you have any questions, please email us at jrfairsales@gmail.com


NO CUSTOM HARVEST will be offered for the 2024 Sale of Champions, Jr. Fair Auction or the Online Sale.

Any buyer who is interested in obtaining an animal for custom harvest will need to contact 4-H or FFA exhibitors prior to the Fair and make their own arrangements with the processor of their choice. No animals will be transported from Fair to Custom Processors by Fair Management, Sales Management or the Packer.

2023 Junior Fair Champions

Grand Champion Market Beef – Whitney Emmerling
Reserve Champion Market Beef - Garrett Agle
Grand Champion Scramble Steer - Austin Yoder
Reserve Champion Scramble Steer - Mason Pelfrey
Grand Champion Dairy Market Steer – Elaina Boysel
Reserve Champion Dairy Market Steer - Luke-Eli Pitstick
Grand Champion Dairy Feeder - Austin Cox
Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder - Chase Call
Grand Champion Market Hog – Elijah Keplinger
Reserve Champion Market Hog - Peyton Bumgardner
Grand Champion Commercial Hog - Liam Fairbanks
Reserve Champion Commercial Hog - Lucy Kidder
Grand Champion Scramble Hog – Kiley Corbitt
Reserve Champion Scramble Hog - Addison Flannery
Grand Champion Market Lamb - Garrett Phillips
Reserve Champion Market Lamb - Aidan Harbage
Grand Champion Market Goat - Ava Bollinger
Reserve Champion Market Goat - Emma Henry
Grand Champion Huacaya Alpaca Fleece – Sarah Watkins
Reserve Champion Huacaya Alpaca Fleece– Hailey Hilty
Grand Champion Rabbit Single Fryer – Trent Fries
Reserve Champion Rabbit Single Fryer - Kelsey Vollrath
Grand Champion Rabbit Single Roaster - Della Thompson
Reserve Champion Rabbit Single Roaster - Taylor Errett
Grand Champion Meat Pen Rabbits – Trent Fries
Reserve Champion Meat Pen Rabbits - Kelsey Vollrath
Grand Champion Market Turkey – Alaina Freeze
Reserve Champion Market Turkey - Adalyn Anderson
Grand Champion Market Duck – Charlie Price
Reserve Champion Market Duck - Danielle Via
Grand Champion Meat Pen Chicken - Alaina Freeze
Reserver Champion Meat Pen Chicken - Trent Fries
Grand Champion Egg Production – Josie Henry
Reserve Champion Egg Production - Lily Henry
Grand Champion Goat Milk – Ashley Bailey
Reserve Champion Goat Milk - Ashley Bailey
Jersey Senior Champion – Lydia Kaverman
Jersey Junior Champion - Chase Call
Holstein Senior Champion – Korbin Kaverman
Holstein Junior Champion - Patrick Hilderbrand
Grade Senior Champion - Molly Henry
Grade Junior Champion - Savannah Hamm-Bodine
Brown Swiss Senior Champion - Noah Trick
Brown Swiss Junior Champion - Alyssa Christian
AOB Senior Champion - Amelia Eberhard

2023 Premier Exhibitors
Beef – Cohen Guenther
Dairy – Madison Blair
Poultry – Ashley Bailey
Lamb – Taylor Workman
Swine – Kiley Corbitt
Goat – Brayden Harral



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